I’m a Canadian software developer at Shopify. I like to write code and words, make music, take photos.

You can mostly find me on Github. Get in touch via email.


BA - General Computing Queen’s University (2014-2017)

Work experience

Software Developer at Shopify, August 2020 - Present

  • Working on support technologies.

Software Engineer at Connected, August 2019 - August 2020

Web Software Engineer

  • Executed large scale refactor of client’s Ruby On Rails application to add support for french language translation.
  • Rapidly prototyped application to view DXF files for client. Application could manipulate DXF elements and export the manipulated canvas to JSON.
  • Lead development team of internal dashboard tool, mentoring intern developers and contributing to the codebase in Go and React. Deployed application on internal server with Docker.

Developer at Rietta, Inc - July 2018 - July 2019

Ruby on Rails developer specializing in secure agile full stack web application development.

  • Wrote conversion task to OCR PDF files stored in AWS and indexed them in Elasticsearch.
  • Maintained and extended web application used internally by Georgia State Lawyers for the coordination of legal cases and internal documents.
  • Assumed lead developer role to complete client effort using code reviews and agile methodologies to finalize project.
  • Implemented token expiration functionality on the open-sourced devise-2fa gem: github.com/williamatodd/devise-2fa

Developer intern at H&L Digital NYC - March 2018 - July 2018

  • Worked on whiteboard application for the Brooklyn nets

Ruby on Rails Developer intern at Shopify - September 2017 - January 2017

  • Refactored entire order alerts Rails model, allowing extendability and reducing complexity
  • Worked on maintenance task to backfill every order with a currency, aiding in decoupling selling and settling currency on the merchant’s side
  • Performed various front-end and back-end fixes to allow for multiple currencies in Shopify Payments.

Mobile Developer intern at RedBit development - April 2015 - July 2015

  • Junior mobile developer specializing in C# Xamarin development
  • Worked on front facing component of taxi app that was accessible to illiterate drivers
  • Developed a brochure application to display PDF’s downloaded from their site for presentation using JSON, asynchronous web requests, and C#.
  • Wrote blog post on deploying to enterprise development

Developer intern at Mysterious Trousers - April 2014 - July 2014

  • iOS and web intern, working on Firehose iOS chat app in Objective-C
  • Improved and refactored log-in user experience, notification views, and improved usability on web.
  • Fixed usability and performance bugs on backend of chat server

Personal Projects

ImageUploader - A complete image sharing social network

  • Deployed on a Digital Ocean server, written in Ruby on Rails, images served as static content from Nginx.
  • Features include user sign-up/authentication, image uploading, following of users, newsfeed of images from people you’re following.
  • Implemented background queueing system using Resque and Redis to create image thumbnails asynchronously without blocking the main thread in order to save bandwidth.
  • Utilizes carrot-lang, a template language I wrote to give users control of the layout of their personal page.

PicText - A Picture to Text Convertor

  • On app store, programmed in Swift, over 600 downloads.
  • Created to send picture messages over an SMS plan for free by encoding images into binary picture data that can be copied to the messages app.


Queen’s Hack Nights, 2014-2015

  • Weekly meet up where Queen’s students get together and work on side projects, as well as discussing programming news and related topics to development.

FRC Robotics for 4 years, 2010-2014

  • Specialized in image recognition code to find targets autonomously.
  • Source
  • Mentored freshmen and sophomore students in programming and robotics


Python, Swift, Ruby, Java